Life Coaching is a good option when there are unrealized goals or dreams in your life, and you don’t know how to move towards them. Your goals can relate to, for example, increasing your own well-being, balancing everyday life, changes in life, and work or career. You may have already tried to achieve these important goals, but for some reason the work has stalled. Hyvässä vireessä provides online Life Coaching discussions that help you clarify your goals and also clarify ways to achieve them.

Develop your self-knowledge

Coaching is resource- and solution-focused and utilizes different methods. Coaching is based on cognitive, positive, and coaching psychology. In the coaching process, you get a reflective look at your current situation. You will learn to lead yourself better in areas of thought, emotion, will, and action. Your self-esteem, emotional skills, reflection skills and interaction skills will develop. Your self-knowledge and function skills will also develop. Coaching has a positive impact on life and work-related satisfaction, well-being, and the experience of meaningful life.

Use your strengths and resources

As a solution-focused coach, I believe you have the keys to the solutions yourself and the knowledge of how you want to live your life. By discussing, I support you to become aware and identify these, sometimes deeply subconscious, thoughts so that you can put them into practice. I use for example the researched methods of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I actively listen and ask questions that will help you better identify your beliefs, for example. We recognize your values, ways of doing things, your strengths, and your resources so that they can help you achieve your goals. I support you in finding and implementing ways to live your everyday life that is meaningful to you.

Coaching is based on absolute trust and is an equal partnership between us. Coaching does not cure diseases and it is not therapy.

Just one appointment can be enough to get you on the right path

The number of appointments is planned based on your situation and goals. Appointments will be held an average every other week. The coaching process usually takes 3 to 10 times. Sometimes even a one single appointment can help you get started and clarify your situation. You can come to coaching if you are over 18 years old. Meetings are held online, via secured video link.

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As a coach I work by the ethical standards of International Coaching Federation / ICF Finland. (link opens up in new window)

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